Meet the MoreInsight Experts

Diane Fortner


In a span of the eight years, Diane founded, grew and sold her home care agency.   While leading her team in delivering exceptional experiences to her clients, she developed her inside sales skills and program, committing to convert "inquiries to customers" during the first phone call whenever possible. The inquiry program called on everyone in her office to help the caller feel they found home. This mindset paid off as her team quickly grew the venture into a multi-million dollar business. 

Equally important to Diane was her Recruitment and Retention program.  She understood the value in a solid relationship with caregivers as the foundation of her team.  Though her caregiver roster was large, she counted herself fortunate to personally know each caregiver by name.

After selling the Home Care business, Diane realized that she could help other similar business owners understand the importance of a true connection with each and every person who calls, in the very first call.    Further, she felt the same optimism in helping other agencies begin developing solid relationships with caregiver applicants in the very first recruitment call.  

Thus, MoreInsight was founded in 2016. 

Amber Mobley


For over twenty years Amber has been honing her talent in Service and Hospitality. With her roots in the restaurant industry, Amber used her extraordinary leadership talent and transitioned from service to management.  

Over a five year span with Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, she opened four new locations, training new staff in a service model that paid special attention to detail and the importance of an incomparable customer experience.

When she shifted to senior care at Sunrise Senior Living, Amber naturally began in dining services.  Understanding the importance of a positive customer experience along with effectively guiding others she supervised, she transitioned into Human Resources.  Her abilities quickly led to another promotion, to Staff Accountant and finally to the Executive Director. While her previous experience paved the way for her advancement, Amber gained a deeper understanding of the nuances of senior care during her tenure with the company.

With expansive knowledge of both hospitality and  customer service, as well as executive level experience in senior care, Amber brings a comprehensive point-of-view to MoreInsight and to our clients. 

More Insight


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